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Aloha Equipment Rentals

Unlimited Construction owns and maintains a diverse array of construction equipment. Owning our own equipment enables us to provide our clients with the best equipment pricing and availability. This service is handled by our equipment rental department, Aloha Equipment Rentals.

Aloha Equipment Rentals has a variety of forklifts, cranes, concrete pumps, concrete equipment, lifts, trailers, excavators, trucks and vans available for rent. They also rent out other miscellaneous items such as air compressors, ice machines, welding machines, generators, wobble lights and more.

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Our list of equipment we offer includes, but is not limited to: •Cranes •Forklifts (Extendable & Vertical) •Concrete Pumps •Scissor lifts •Aerial Man Lifts •Mini-Excavator •Trailored Solar Message Boards •Air Compressors •Trucks/Vans •Office Trailers

For more information please visit Aloha Equipment Rentals Website or phone them directly:

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